Another blog with an identity crisis,
Or is that just me?


Welcome to another blog on the internet, because people still seem to believe they have something worth reading.
Haut3 Pink is not the blog it once was. In it’s beginning years, HP was dedicated solely to fashion and it’s trickle down components. In it’s current years, it has expanded to include various other interests and lifestyle articles.

About the Haut3Bloggers:


Born sometime during the year when the Scorpius constellation was at its hi13699541_268968046828566_1316536834_o-1ghest peek, Katrina is heavily judgmental, sarcastic and highly ambitious. Although i’m sure she could be a secret agent, she settles for having majored in English, Communications and the Arts (yes, you’ve stumbled upon another frustrated liberal arts major with a blog).
Because of this, sometimes she thinks she knows how to write and avoids run-on sentences by inserting a bunch of semicolons into her sentences where they; are probably not even needed. In addition, she’s probably secretly judging you.