Center Stage: Feeling the fantasy with Nika SoRo’s statement necklaces

A few months ago I gushed about Alberto Torres‘s spectacular accessories influenced by the great Joan of Arc. I fawned over his pieces made with rustic leather and raw precious stones and today I fawn over a new collection of accessories. Accessories that could very well have been taken right off the necks of Maleficent or the Evil Queen themselves. This week we take a look at the latest collection by Nika Soro, the talented designer who’s collection caught my eye during San Juan Moda. Her collection was paired with the talented Frolain to create an edgy, chic look; Maleficent street wear. Continue reading


Behind the Scenes: High fashion dinner madness

A few months ago I went behind the brains of Gremuel Ruiz and Jon Matos; like the Wonder Twins of editorials, these two work extremely well together. So much so that every time they’ve asked me back, i’ve dropped everything and gone running and this time was no different. This was going to be Gremuel’s most ambitious shoot yet and I was going to be there to capture all of the madness (while also getting my hair did). The inspiration was a high fashion dinner and I was invited. Continue reading

Center Stage: Alberto Torres’ statement pieces & his interpretation of Joan of Arc

How do I begin this review without gushing? Recently the sister’s responsible for the Ecliptica line put on a show for their newest collection Iberia. Although the collection was beautiful, something really struck me: the gorgeous necklaces and belts that they paired their dresses with. In fact, in many ways, the accessories outshined the collection. After further investigation (see: Facebook) I found that the creative mind behind these pieces is Alberto Torres, accessories designer. After the jump, pictures, reviews and find out how you can contact the man who makes these brilliant pieces. Continue reading

The Rest: Close runner-ups at San Juan Moda [Fall/Winter ’14]

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t bother to going to all of the runways during San Juan Moda. Maybe i’m lazy, maybe i’m unmotivated but unless i’m getting that money, honey, it becomes increasingly hard to motivate myself to make the trip. Unfortunately, many of the runways I didn’t end up going to were much better than the runways I did go to. Choosing the best collections was very difficult and I was originally going to post a continuation of the best designers of the event. But then I asked myself, what would Ricky Bobby say? If you ain’t first you’re last. After the jump, the designers that didn’t quite make the cut.

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The Best: The most inspired designers of San Juan Moda [Fall/Winter ’14]

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to all of the runway shows. I live on the other side of the island and it’s a real hassle to drive two hours there and two hours back; call me an undedicated blogger, but I ain’t getting paid for this shit. Because of this, I tried to take educated guesses beforehand as to which shows to attend and which to eschew. It became very apparent to me that I chose wrong. With the exception of Juan Colon’s collection, nothing particularly blew me out of the water. After flipping through the picture galleries of the shows I didn’t go to, I hate myself a little bit more for not going. It seems as though most of the shows I didn’t attend were more spectacular than the ones I did. After the jump, some praises for the “winners” of San Juan Moda.

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