Don’t Become the Crypt Keeper: The importance of starting a skincare routine

In the weeks leading up to my 25th year on Earth, I had become some form of aesthetically obsessed bird; furiously checking my face for wrinkles or fine lines in any mirror, window and reflective surface I would pass by. The day I turned 25, I drew all of the curtains in my home, and dramatically took to the bed, engulfed in darkness, like a Jane Austen novel.

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“Oh what became of forever?
Oh what became of forever?
We’ll never know.” – What became of the likely lads, Libertines.

The night you disappeared, you came to me in a dream. We were all sitting around the back table at the bar, crying and mourning your death; generally being miserable. But you were sitting at the end of the table, still with your signature long, thick, luxurious locks, watching us as we mourned. You had a smile on your face, amused by how much we’d miss you. It was almost an exasperated smile, as if to say, “Why is everyone so miserable when you can drink beer and party instead?” Continue reading

Updating my Blog, Updating my Life

Let me preface this by mentioning: i’m a flake.
There are many things in my twenty-four years of life that I have begun with fervor only to lose steam midway through and discard it. Books, new hobbies, business ventures, jobs, stories, relationships, the list goes on. This blog wasn’t safe from my bad habits, either. With my last post dating back to two years ago, I realized i’d flaked, yet again. Continue reading

Growing Up: Evolving your signature scent

Becoming an adult is a weird realization. It’s like an overnight transformation that only becomes apparent to you when you realize you don’t have to ask your mother to lend you the car to make a McDonald’s run at two in the morning. You come to understand that you’ve been an adult and weren’t even aware. How long has this been going on without me knowing? How long until I have to start taking vitamins with my breakfast? Why are those damn kids on my lawn? As much as I would like to do away with my adulthood, I also don’t want to become the 40 year old lady wearing a baby-tee at the supermarket. After the jump, my life’s transition through scents. Continue reading