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Haut3 Pink loves promoting local talent and supporting local businesses (or talent and businesses in general! tehe). If you are interested in a Haut3 Pink review of your product or being highlighted on the blog, please read the disclaimer below and contact us at katrina_angelet@hotmail.com

Important Disclaimer:

This is a personal blog. Any and all ideas and opinions are in direct relation with the Haut3 Pink brand. We find ourselves within ground to respectfully decline to review or endorse a product that doesn’t fall within our established guidelines or lifestyle. If you are interested in a Haut3 Pink spotlight, contact us with the information asked for below:


Haut3 Pink reviews a vast assortment of products and services. Any face, body or cosmetic products are accepted in both sample and full-sizes. Representatives of subscription boxes must keep in mind the cost of international shipping. Designers don’t have to send samples of their clothing, although it isn’t discouraged. Photographers, artists and other journalists may send their strongest portfolio samples and will be interviewed. Those interested in a review or highlight are encouraged to previously have an online portfolio or fan page that facilitates customer contact.