Who is a humble blogger without her friends? Here are a list of affiliates you should follow:

Melisarobledo Melisa R. heads yet another incredible blog, this time documenting her forays into aesthetics, lifestyle and general interests. She’s very funny and her writing is impeccable. Basically, your life is empty without reading her stuff.

Warmtoastymuffins is a blog headed by the incredibly talented Melisa R. It is your one stop shop for everything DIY, baking, cooking, sewing, crafting and the likes. She really is wonderfully talented, and you should read her words.

Theexfile5 is a blog by the hilariously creative Miguel A. There he documents his ex-horror stories and you should check it out because I can’t emphasize how horrifying they really are.

MASHEROS is a blog dedicated to video game, movie, book and general media reviews.